Monday, November 26, 2012

Good Fella

Whassup Everyone,

I got a confession....I think I'm in love with this blazer like, not strong like, but we will never part "Color Purple" type of love! Hand clapping, shouting, jumping, singing and move side to side type of love. It's something about this blazer that makes me feel like I could take over the world. I could capture the attention of everyone that passes me by.

I feel like a back in the day business man minus the illegal activities. I'm a good fella just in lady form, so I'm a "Good Lady"

QOTW: What items in your closet are making you happy or fall in love?

btw, another almost all the way thrift outfit except shoes, bag, earrings, scarf and tights

Blazer: Talbot (Thrift)
Blouse: Thrift
Pants: Bandolino (Thrift)
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Retro (G-ma)
Scarf/Tights/Earrings: Target

*love, learn & live*


Shey said...

I'm loving those shoes! Your outfit is perfect for the cold weather, I'm glad you're back. =)

Franca said...

It does look amazing!

Jodi said...

whoa those shoes are totally awesome and I do love your great pants too!!
great laugh my friend :)

Mrs. J said...

@Shey I'm happy to be back when I can! Thank you!! :)

@Franca Thank you so much!!

@Jodi Thank you sweetie!! I try to keep a smile on my face!! :)

Cassy Fry said...

Amazing blazer. I love the buttons. A good blazer can make an outfit.

I love your blog so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award:

Claire said...

oh my goodness, i can't believe i have been away from your blog for so long, but that YOU also haven't blogged since november!!! but i love those shoes, and that blazer is amazing. i'm just sorry it took me this long to check it out. i hope you're doing well!

Deena said...

Yes the blazer is super, but those shoes- *drop*

PS- And how come no blog so so darn long, huh? HUH?